Exercise to Reduce Belly Fat
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Exercise to Reduce Belly Fat || Lose Belly Fat

Exercise to Reduce Belly Fat

Belly fat is something we all hate because it changes our body shape. If anybody has belly fat then his/ her clothes will not be fit to him/ her. So don’t worry because we are going to share some Exercise to Reduce Belly Fat which you can do at home or anywhere. Just read the full article and concentrate on the exercise posture.

How to Reduce Belly Fat

10 Exercises to Lose Belly Fat at Home

  1. Crunches
  2. Twist Crunches
  3. Side Crunches
  4. Reverse Crunches
  5. Vertical Leg Crunches
  6. Bicycle Exercise
  7. Lunge Twist
  8. Rolling Plank Exercise
  9. Captain’s Chair Exercise
  10. The Stomach Vacuum

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The best exercise to reduce belly fat is crunches. It’s very simple to execute and very effective for everybody. You can do it anywhere at any time. I will recommend you to do this exercise twice in a day, first in the morning and second in the evening.

Crunches Execution:

  • Just lie down on the floor and your hands should be on your head.
  • Then up your leg and push yourself towards your legs.
  • Doing this will burn your belly fat and you will feel the strain in your belly.
  • Just do 15 raps of this exercise and 03 sets at a time.

Twist Crunches

Again twist crunches is a very helpful exercise to reduce belly fat. It’s almost like crunches but when you push yourself you just need to twist yourself right and left according to your target area. Let’s move into execution.

Twist Crunches Execution:

  • Lying on the floor and bend your hands and hold your head.
  • Just push yourself towards your knees and twist yourself right or left.
  • First, you can twist right in the first set then you can twist left in the second set.
  • Just complete this exercise in 02 sets of 15 raps.

Side Crunches

Side crunches are almost same to twist crunches but you have to push your legs towards your chest. In this exercise, you will feel the strain on your three finger muscle and it will burn belly fat faster than crunches and twist crunches.

Side Crunches Execution:

  • Down on the ground and lock your hands on your head.
  • In this exercise, you have to touch your right hand to your left leg knee and left hand to right leg knee.
  • Complete 03 sets of 10 raps and you will see the changes in your belly fat.

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Reverse Crunches

In this exercise, you have to do crunch in the reverse side. Just push your legs upwards your chest and you will feel the strain in your belly.

Reverse Crunches Execution:

  • Just lie down on the floor and up your legs.
  • Put your hands on the ground.
  • Push your legs onwards your chest and feel the strain.

Vertical Leg Crunches

Crunches are many types and belly fat burns through crunches. Vertical Leg Crunches is also one of them which will help you to reduce belly fat. You can perform this exercise anywhere.

Vertical Leg Crunches Executive:

  • Vertical Leg Crunches can be executing by lying down on the floor and up your legs straight.
  • Then push your heal and try to touch your leg knees.
  • This will strain your stomach and belly.

Bicycle Exercise

Some exercises are so effective and we don’t need any machine to do those exercises. Bicycle Exercise is one of them which feel like we should need a machine after listing this exercise name. But you can do it by yourself anywhere which will help you to burn fat from your abs and belly.

Bicycle Exercise Execution:

  • You just need to lie down and hold your hand on your head.
  • Your legs should be cycling when you do crunches.
  • The right-hand elbow to your left leg knee and left-hand elbow to your right leg knee.

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Lunge Twist

To reduce belly fat we have to concentrate on the core area of the body. The lunge twist exercise will focus on your core that improves your belly. Lunge Twist will remove fat from your oblique and glutes and core area.

Lunge Twist Execution:

  • First of all, you need to stand straight and carry lightweight bumbles on both hands.
  • Then you need to start steps one by one and stretch your legs.
  • This exercise will focus on your oblique and you will feel the strain.

Rolling Plank Exercise

Plank is good exercise but Rolling Plank Exercise is much better if you want to target your belly and oblique fat. Rolling Plank Exercise will train your three finger muscles and reduce fat from the belly.

Rolling Plank Execution

  • Just touch the ground by your elbows and knees and hold on that position.
  • That is plank position but you need to roll to perform rolling plank.
  • To roll, you need to up your right elbow and knee up and then reverse this pattern.
  • You need to hold a minimum of 30 seconds in every step.

Captain’s Chair Exercise

This exercise is like crunches on a chair which will impact on your stomach and belly. You need to find out a chain and do as you can see in the image.

Captain’s Chair Exercise Execution

  • Sit down on the chair and hold the chair by your hands.
  • Push your legs towards your chest.
  • Lift in the same slow and controlled manner.

The Stomach Vacuum

Stomach Vacuum exercise is very simple which makes your body vacuum smaller and reduce belly fat. Let’s have a look at the execution.

The Stomach Vacuum Execution

  • Down on the ground and focus on your body vacuum.
  • Inhale and exhale your vacuum again and again.
  • Do this exercise and your body vacuum will change its size.

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Simple Ways to Lose Belly Fat


This is something we all do in our daily life. Walking is the simplest way to reduce belly fat fast. If you are going somewhere which is around 1-2 km’s then don’t use your car or bike just walk through roads.


Running is also one of the best ways to remove fat from all over the body, not from the belly. We all should run 03 to 06 km’s in every day to be healthy in life. Best way to burn calories from our body is running. Running improves human body skin, heart rate, body shape, etc.


In case you are not able to run by any reason then jogging is another option. Jogging will also do the same effect as running does. You can start jogging at any time and you just need jogging shoes and a nice ground.


In our daily life, we all ride the bike and drive cars but most of the people don’t want to use the cycle which is helpful in weight loss. So try to use cycle more than a bike and car. Cycling will improve your strength and thigh muscle and remove extra fat from your body.


The enjoyable exercise is swimming. Those people swim on a regular basis you cannot find them overweight. So start swimming from today and you will see the changes in your body. Swimming burns calories very fast and removes body fat from your body parts.

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